Tenuta Morreale identifies a company with wine and oils located in the province of Agrigento, along the sunny and windy southern coast of Sicily, about 20 km from the wonderful valley of the temples, in the heart of an area suited secularly agriculture.
The farm covers an area of 300 hectares of vineyards, olive groves, almond orchards and arable land, including campaigns in Agrigento, Montallegro and Siculiana, where the generous land and the climate dry and ventilated permit the construction of cultures and genuine productions of rich and intense quality
In these territories have been concentrated in the modern knowledge olivitivinicole productions, with a high degree of mechanization, in order to optimize the technical management and operations agricultural.
Tenuta Morreale is in the territory, not just an emerging reality business, but something more engaging and exciting.

Respect and quality environment Here are considered essential elements of the production cycle.

All the cultivation techniques adopted in Morreale Tenuta are strictly biological, in order to develop over time an environmentally friendly production system.
As part of the energy conservation and saving of existing environmental resources, the company will be; equipped with photovoltaic system for electricity (50 KW), that taking advantage of the light and warmth of the Sicilian sun allow high reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
In addition, the high degree of mechanization in the conduct of crops, planting of trees and nitrosating at the grassing appeal, help maintain the land from erosion and to avoid the use of pesticides.